Why the SMMS-7 VRF is the Solution to Modern-Day Cooling Challenges

Southeast Asia is severely feeling the brunt of global warming, with the rising temperature catapulting the region’s cooling demands. Additionally, as the countries develop to accommodate a higher concentration of urban population, they also have to consider occupant comfort for an improved standard of living. However, cooling down Southeast Asia comes at a massive financial […]

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Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners for the Climate Conscious

Southeast Asia has experienced a decade-wise temperature rise since 1960 and this rise in temperatures has rapidly spiked up cooling demands across the region. And, if left unchecked, this growing demand will render air conditioners as consumers of 40% of the region’s electricity production by 2040. To top that, there is a major shift in Southeast Asia’s […]

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Are Cost Efficiency and Sustainability Mutually Exclusive?

Cost efficiency and sustainability are traditionally always meant to polar opposites- that helping the environment will hurt the business.  While going green does have a significant cost associated with it, businesses can stay profitable with innovative products, services, and business models. Additionally, the assumption that only heavy industrial processes contribute to environmental pollution is a […]

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