Until now, cooling solutions for tropical climates have been a compromise.

Your building’s air conditioning system should deliver two things – comfort for customers and performance for owners. In the past, finding a solution to accommodate your needs was difficult. Now, we have done just that.

You spoke. We designed.

Introducing the ultra-efficient SMMS-7 VRF – created from the inside out just for you.

Our purpose-built solution has been reimagined from the ground up – specifically designed for buildings in tropical climates. The SMMS-7 is 16% more efficient1 with part load COP over 7. To minimise environmental impact, components are reengineered to reduce the system refrigerant by up to 30%. Its smaller and lighter chassis offers greater design and installation flexibility. That all adds up to a cooling solution that’s built to bring down operational cost and improve comfort.

Evolution of Toshiba VRF
  • The first Toshiba VRF (1986)
    The Super Multi VRF provides zone control capability up to 20HP for commercial buildings in Japan.
  • Free branch piping (1994)
    The Wide Multi VRF adds free branch piping to simplify installation.
  • The first modular Toshiba VRF (1999)
    The Modular Multi System VRF introduces modular outdoor configurability and Intelligent VRF Control up to 46HP to marry comfort and efficiency.
  • Industry’s first all inverter VRF (2003)
    The Super Modular Multi System (SMMS) VRF ups the cooling capacity to 48HP and delivers unparalleled, variable-speed comfort cooling with a new R410A DC twin rotary compressor.
  • SMMS goes global (2010)
    The new SMMS-i VRF is refined for global distribution, achieving better motor speed precision for more efficient operation across geographical applications.
  • Twenty-five percent cooling capacity improvement (2015)
    The SMMS-e VRF offers commercial buildings a 22HP single unit and system combinations up to 60HP with better reliability due to a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating inside the compressor.
  • Breakthrough efficiency delivered for tropical climates (2018)
    The 7th generation SMMS-7 VRF is purpose built for tropical climates, delivering improved part load EER, increased ambient operating range, and a smaller environmental footprint.

Higher urban population density means more buildings in less space, emphasizing the utility and value of usable space. It also results in scarcity of resources and land. The SMMS–7 VRF adapts by implementing:

  • Improved part load energy efficiency ratio
  • Increased ambient operating range
  • A smaller environmental footprint
  • High availability
  • A design centered on ease of maintenance

No compromise means no compromise. We do not sacrifice reliability and environmental friendliness for the sake of performance.

  • Expanded operating temperature up to 52°C minimises disruption to operation.
  • A unique oil management system regulates compressor lubrication and reduces downtime.
  • Wave Tool remote diagnostic application enables faster troubleshooting and repair.
  • New liquid pipe temperature control algorithm and tankless design reduce refrigerant by up to 30%.
  • Improved system efficiency offers up to 20% energy conservation..

The SMMS–7 VRF twin rotary compressor achieves improved part-load efficiency by increasing core thickness and suction pipe diameter, while also introducing a new accumulator which reduces pressure loss by eliminating the need for a U-pipe.

Less Material, Reduced Waste

At every stage from product design to installation and operations, the new SMMS–7 VRF is developed using lean methodologies for materials and system design.

Optimized for Cooling

Because cooling efficiency is the focus, no compromises are made. The heat exchanger of SMMS-7 VRF is now longer with fewer paths and branches.

Best-in-class Efficiency

By engineering every component to deliver efficient cooling for the tropical climate in Southeast Asia, the SMMS-7 VRF has best-in-class efficiency of up to 4.82 at full load and 7.27 at 50% load.

No matter your building’s purpose, put ultimate performance at its core.

  • Redesigned heat exchanger, accumulator and compressor deliver top cooling performance.
  • Best-in- class efficiency of up to 4.82 at full load and 7.27 at 50% load.
  • Diversity factor of up to 200% enhances system design flexibility.
  • Improved component design reduces footprint by up to 24%
  • Wide capacity range from 8 to 60 HP to support any design configuration. For smaller space MiNi-SMMS7 with 4 to 6 HP is also available.

Toshiba Intelligent VRF control improves part-load efficiency by introducing additional control over refrigerant distribution through the indoor units and compression temperatures and volume for the outdoor units – allowing both units to use only what is required of them and eliminating wasteful on-off cycling.

Intelligent VRF control also allows SMMS–7 VRF to uniquely satisfy Part Load Type C more efficiently – making a difference in comfort and energy savings.

The SMMS–7 VRF system allows for modular configuration to provide up to 60HP per system to deliver the cooling capacity required without the need for a plant room. For example, hotel air conditioning systems can be configured with up to twice as much IDU-to-ODU capacity to cool common areas during the day and guest rooms at night.

The first step in delivering innovation? Listening.
And then, design with a purpose.

Discover all of the innovations that allow the new SMMS-7 VRF to deliver greater comfort and efficiency, all with a smaller footprint.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
23 April 2018

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