How the SMMS-7 VRF is Designed for the Heat

Engineered for Tropical Comfort Keeping buildings cool while maintaining occupant comfort and health is no easy feat, especially in Southeast Asia’s tropical climate. In 2018, average recorded temperatures were high year-round in countries such as Malaysia (peak of 35℃ in May), Vietnam (peak of 39℃ in July), Singapore (peak of 35℃ in May), and Thailand […]

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Top 5 Things Property Developers and Builders Should Look For in an Air Conditioning System

Considerations for Cooling Solutions Demand for air conditioning in Southeast Asia has grown rapidly in recent years, driven by urbanisation and exacerbated by the high heat and humidity in the region. Urban populations are set to grow by 2.5 billion worldwide by 2050, with 90 percent of this increase coming from Africa and Asia, and […]

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