Until now, cooling solutions for tropical climates have been a compromise.

Your building’s air conditioning system should deliver two things – comfort for customers and performance for owners. In the past, finding a solution to accommodate your needs was difficult. Now, we have done just that.

You spoke. We designed.

Introducing the ultra-efficient SMMS-7 VRF – created from the inside out just for you.

Our purpose-built solution has been reimagined from the ground up – specifically designed for buildings in tropical climates. The SMMS-7 is 16% more efficient1 with part load COP over 7. To minimise environmental impact, components are reengineered to reduce the system refrigerant by up to 30%. Its smaller and lighter chassis offers greater design and installation flexibility. That all adds up to a cooling solution that’s built to bring down operational cost and improve comfort.

Evolution of Toshiba VRF
  • The first Toshiba VRF (1986)
    The Super Multi VRF provides zone control capability up to 20HP for commercial buildings in Japan.
  • Free branch piping (1994)
    The Wide Multi VRF adds free branch piping to simplify installation.
  • The first modular Toshiba VRF (1999)
    The Modular Multi System VRF introduces modular outdoor configurability and Intelligent VRF Control up to 46HP to marry comfort and efficiency.
  • Industry’s first all inverter VRF (2003)
    The Super Modular Multi System (SMMS) VRF ups the cooling capacity to 48HP and delivers unparalleled, variable-speed comfort cooling with a new R410A DC twin rotary compressor.
  • SMMS goes global (2010)
    The new SMMS-i VRF is refined for global distribution, achieving better motor speed precision for more efficient operation across geographical applications.
  • Twenty-five percent cooling capacity improvement (2015)
    The SMMS-e VRF offers commercial buildings a 22HP single unit and system combinations up to 60HP with better reliability due to a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating inside the compressor.
  • Breakthrough efficiency delivered for tropical climates (2018)
    The 7th generation SMMS-7 VRF is purpose built for tropical climates, delivering improved part load EER, increased ambient operating range, and a smaller environmental footprint.

No compromise means no compromise. We do not sacrifice reliability and environmental friendliness for the sake of performance.

  • Expanded operating temperature up to 52°C minimises disruption to operation.
  • A unique oil management system regulates compressor lubrication and reduces downtime.
  • Wave Tool remote diagnostic application enables faster troubleshooting and repair.
  • New liquid pipe temperature control algorithm and tankless design reduce refrigerant by up to 30%.
  • Improved system efficiency offers up to 20% energy conservation..

No matter your building’s purpose, put ultimate performance at its core.

  • Redesigned heat exchanger, accumulator and compressor deliver top cooling performance.
  • Best-in- class efficiency of up to 4.82 at full load and 7.27 at 50% load.
  • Diversity factor of up to 200% enhances system design flexibility.
  • Improved component design reduces footprint by up to 24%
  • Wide capacity range from 8 to 60 HP to support any design configuration. For smaller space MiNi-SMMS7 with 4 to 6 HP is also available.

The first step in delivering innovation? Listening.
And then, design with a purpose.

Discover all of the innovations that allow the new SMMS-7 VRF to deliver greater comfort and efficiency, all with a smaller footprint.

Find out more about how the SMMS 7 can reduce heat and your bottom line.

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